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The Wonder Women: Directors of Philippine Theater

By Sandy Da Silva

The “Wonder Woman” effect is sweeping the world right now, and if you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand why. Women are seeing themselves represented positively, and young girls are now dressing up as their new favorite superhero.

But not all superheroes carry swords or lassoes of truth. In the local theater scene, we have our own brand of Wonder Women: the directors who literally run the show. The plays we love are the result of their unique take on the material, their vision and their voice. It’s always a fitting time to celebrate their work and their achievements. Theater Fans Manila had the privilege to interview the female directors who are currently active on the scene, and they spoke candidly about their experiences, favorite works, as well as their creative process. Consider this a theater master class as you catch a rare glimpse into the minds of these brilliant women.

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