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Theater Arts

Ana has taught at the Philippine National Penitentiary for the College Guild at the Male Medium Security Facility, in Muntinlupa, and at the Correctional Institute for Women (CIW), in Mandaluyong since 2013.

Women's Correctional Advocacy Film

Nipun Mehta vists CIW

Kindness Kitchen

Kindness Kitchen is a volunteer-driven experiment in generosity where meals are paid forward and prepared by volunteers. Inspired by Karma Kitchen.

Artist Mentoring Program

AMP is a sharing circle for supporting artists and student-artists.

Salamat Space

Salamat Space is a sharing circle which began as an expression of gratitude. The sharing circle begins and ends with a quiet moment of silence.

Entheos Retreat

Entheos is the root word of “enthusiasm,” and in Greek en theos means “in God." Ana designed Entheos retreats as an open, non-denominational retreat that practices rituals from different faith traditions: Catholicism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Entheos Kindness Retreat of Basic Education Division (BED), August 18, 2018 & July 20, 2019, Assumption College, San Lorenzo

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