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If you're looking for acting training, whether you are just a beginner, or simply want to hone your craft more, I would heartily recommend Ana Valdes Lim.  Before working with Ana, I went to at least one audition / VTR almost everyday for two years with just half a dozen productions to show for it. After one production with her, I was forced to turn down a bunch of great projects simply because I was almost fully booked for 3 years straight.

I don't consider this a coincidence, because even as an observer, I have seen people under her guidance transform. Many, many of her students I know have the potential to make a career out their passion, if only they had the opportunity to do so. Whether you want to study acting for stage, film, television, even voice acting and TVC acting, look no further.



Acting with Ana is life changing! You get to explore your limits without judgement, encouraged to stretch your creativity and you are pushed out of your comfort zone. Teacher Ana critiques with the skillful eye of a brilliant teacher with compassion and so much heart but never sugar coats her words. Not only do you learn about your craft but also discover so much about yourself because, after all, you are the instrument.

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Actor, Musical Director, The Band's Visit, The Queens Game, Sweeney Todd 

If there is only ONE drama teacher to be had, Ana Valdes Lim is it. She has helped me through many auditions and particularly the one that got me accepted into LAMDA. Manila's best kept world-class secret.

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Mutya ng Pilipinas 2021, Actor - Ang Ito Ay Akin

Though excited, honestly at first I was nervous to be mentored by someone so accomplished like her. I was starstruck. What turned out to be so magical is having to realize that all the things Teacher Ana's teaching me are coming from her vast experience as an actress from local to international stage. 

I found it wonderful how the complexity of acting was taught in very simple but clear terms. For me, her coaching approach was very personal. She based the lessons on my available emotional landscape and experiences. Also, she lets you understand what to maintain, work on, and most especially the bigger reasons of doing them.

Lastly, Teacher Ana inspired me so much to improve not only on this craft, but also my character and discipline as an individual. Lessons that I could apply everyday. I'll definitely go back to my notes from my acting sessions with her and apply them soon as I go back to my soap opera taping soon!



Actor - Ang Ito Ay Akin

Working with her has opened up so many new areas of discovery for me not only as an actress but as a human being. Her classes are not simply a lesson in technique, they become significant life lessons as well. Thank you, Teacher Ana, for making a difference in my life!

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It was an amazing experience that really taught me so much more about my craft.

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Actress, singer, accepted to the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama MA Musical Theater 2020

I got to know myself better, and gained the confidence and desire to continue to learn and grow on this path... I got to know myself better, and gained the confidence and desire to continue to learn and grow on this path.

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Lead Role in The Sandalwood Box (Flea Theatre), Lead Role in World Premiere of Cosmicomics (Flea Theatre), Founder and Board Member of Team Theatre LLC (Off-Broadway Company), Stella Adler Studio of Acting Class of 2019

Ms. Ana always told me to take BIG RISKS; I followed that advice both on stage and in life. It got me into Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and then I was invited to be a resident artist at the Flea Theatre in Tribeca. Ms. Ana is truly my guide and mentor.

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Felix Starro in Felix Starro, Jr. off-Broadway, Francis on Rise (NBC), Blaine St. Claire on The Expansing Universe of Ashley Garcia (Netflix)

Ms. Ana taught me to get out of my head and rely on my instincts. Our lessons helped prepare me for my college auditions.

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Actor, Illusionist, Model, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet

I owe everything I know from auditions to acting to the teachings and generosity of Ms. Ana. In her classes I also got a deeper understanding of life.

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When you work with people like... Ana Valdes Lim .., your attitude and perspective change. Every time I do a project, I think of what they would say, and that I want to make them proud.

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Photo from Top Girls (New Voice Company,1997)

I can say from experience that she is one of the greatest teachers I've been lucky enough to learn with. When I took workshops under her, I had the time of my life.



Best Actress, Gawad Singing's Short Film Festival 2021; Best Actress 2020, Graduate of Assumption College.

Ms. Ana is a mentor who will always be significant to me and my growth as a performer. She taught me how to understand my characters in a way that led to more effective storytelling. There are three things that Ms. Ana taught me, and I'll never forget these. (1) To ground my voice, be it different emotions: angry, hesitant, happy, excited, etc., as having that voice that is grounded is a must for actors to be able to tell the story better than to have your voice overpowering your emotions. (2) Internalization. Ms. Ana always emphasized the actor's time alone to feel the character's emotion. And lastly (3) emotion. Ms. Ana has introduced methods that helped me understand what the character is feeling in order for me to portray it, and taught me that on stage, emotions are not only felt but should be seen. It's how I understood that as an actor, vulnerability isn't weakness but a strength.

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Ms. Ana taught me camera acting techniques that I now apply in performance videos, both for professional settings or casual social media engagements. With the help of her expertise, I am now more confident in breathing life to lines and characters. I am definitely excited to grab more opportunities once the world has healed from COVID-19!

Lesley Lina


I love Acting with Ana. Not only do I learn effective tools that I can immediately apply to my work, in each session I feel safe, truly seen and heard, and deeply affirmed. She speaks directly to my artist's soul, and in her I've found an acting coach and mentor that I will keep on going back to as I strive to practice this craft for the rest of my life.



In this class I feel very enthusiastic because it is a class full of many great things. There is never a time in the session where I would feel that someone would judge me, because no one would be judged by their appearance or how they interpret different things. In this class people feel respected for who they are. So all in all this class makes me feel enthusiastic and free in a way I can always be myself.



Every time I am in class I get excited. I have learned so much from this class.
It has taught me so many fun ways to speak. I  always look forward to this class 

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I’ve always been a timid and shy person. But Miss Ana helped and taught me how to overcome that phase. She showed me how to hone my skills and eventually break free from my self-doubt. Through acting, I have built a newfound self-confidence and openness to try things outside of my comfort zone.



It is difficult find an acting teacher like Ms. Ana. Learning acting through a director or writer is like learning music from a conductor or composer but learning acting from a great actress like herself is like learning guitar from Led Zeppelin or piano from Bill Evans. Ms. Ana is exactly that, an actress who has lived and honed her instrument, she knows how to use each crevice, nook and cranny of the actor’s instrument for she has honed hers too and she can impart that knowledge to you.

Also, she breathes life into acting and into the theatre. She reminds us that our pursuit can affect our environment and the world. She reminds us that our instruments as an actor is not limited to our voice, body, imagination but to our whole being. With that, you can trust that by working with her and being in her presence the goal expands to not only to become a better actor but a better person.

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