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Ana Valdes Lim is an actress, acting coach, director, author.  Ana coaches actors privately, online, or face to face.  With 40 years of international experience, Ana now lives in Nagoya, Japan.  Ana is a graduate of the Juilliard School, Drama Division, NY.  She worked with the Public Theater, in NY, and has 16 years of experience as Artistic Director, Emerita.  Ana completed training with TIE (Theater Intimacy Education) for Best Practices, Staging Intercourse & Outercourse.

Ana Valdes Lim acting coach, director, author of four books.  Apply for private or group classes online or face to face.  

Ana Valdes Lim supports training opportunities for actors who wish to volunteer their time.

Acting Basics Workshop w/ NAGOYA PLAYERS

10 Sessions in Nagoya, Japan   September - December 2023

Beginner - Intermediate actors improve their fundamentals and enhance performance.

Face to face classes, in easy to understand English, a highly physical workshop.


May 2023

Electra on Theater Space
Sophocles' Electra
In a version by Frank McGuinness
Directed by Ana Valdes Lim
May 13, 2023

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Master Class
Marcia Cross

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